Information about my work as a Labour Councillor for East Finchley in the London Borough of Barnet

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

East Finchley Festival - Volunteers needed!

I have been asked to manager the stewarding for the East Finchley Festival on Cherry Tree Woods this year.

It is on Sunday 23rd June, from 12 till 6.

I need to recruit some volunteers throughout the day who can help with stewarding and running the raffle tables.

If you would like to volunteer, please email me at

Many thanks.

Market Place playground

It was interesting to see in the Archer that a group of residents have pressed the Council for a refurbishment of the playground on Market Place. I pressed Barnet Homes and the Council about this last year, and was told there was no money. I also worked with my council colleagues to press for improved litter collections and cleaning in Cherry Tree Woods. You can check my written questions in 2012 to see.

One Barnet verdict

Cllr Alison Moore, leader of our group (and fellow East Finchley Councillor) has said this in reaction to the One Barnet Judicial Review judgement.

The administration's attitude is interesting, they get off on a technicality, yet they claim it was a glorious victory. They call the public their "opponents" in the press release. This is how out of touch and disconnected with the people they are meant to represent they are. The Tories clearly don't care about what the public think.

There is an appeal to lodge, so the fight isn't over yet.

Walksafe N10

We are very proud in East Finchley of our Walksafe N2 campaign on pedstrian safety. It has been so successful that the idea behind it has been exported as far away as Muswell Hill, Who are campaigning for a 20 mph zone in their residential roads.

You can support their campaign here.

Strong support for keeping East Finchley Post Office

I was glad to see such strong support yesterday from the public for the Post Office campaign. We gathered a number of signatures for the CWU petition, and I got an understanding of the overal picture.

It is a shame that they want to contract themselves out of problems, rather than seek to expand business opportunities and raise revenues. I think the biggest problem with their office in East Finchley is that they have a large shop, but don't mkae best use of it.

I was also grateful to Assembly Member Andrew Dismore, who came to show his support.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Signatures on Post Office Petition

Just a quick update to let you know that I understand upwards of 150 people have signed my petition to keep East Finchley Post Office.

Will keep you posted. Tomorrow between 1pm and 3 pm is a photograph session, which I recommend attendance to!

East End Road speeds

I have been concerned about the speeding that seems to go along on East End Road between Ossulton Way and Deansway. Unfortunately, Officers carried out speed tests and did not find anything untoward. As usual, I am looking for people's experiences, so please let me know!

Bishops of London and East Finchley

It is well known that much of Finchley, and East in particular, has historically been part of the Bishop of London's estate. Many know Bishop's Avenue in the Garden Suburb, but there are roads named after some Bishops, such as Creighton Avenue and Ingram Road. I think it is likely Talbot Road could be as well. I know there is an Aylmer Road somewhere in Barnet too.

We do have a sense of humour in naming roads in Barnet. High Barnet Ward commemorates the Battle of that name with roads such as Tudor Road, Woodville Road, Warwick Road, and perhaps most obviously, King Edward Road.

That "humour" seems to extend to Muswell Hill, where there are a set of roads, such as Hopkins Close, Cromwell Road, Ireton Close, Fairfax Way, Pembroke Road, Sydney Road and Weatherill Road (seeming named for Parliamentarians in the Civil War) which surround a Crown Road.I'm not sure of the significance of that area of Muswell Hill, but I will see if I can find out.

20 MPH on Church Lane.

The successful walksafe N2 campaign for improved pedestrian safety on Church Lane, including a 20 mph zone on Church Lane is looking to complete phase 2 of the work programme.

After putting in new crossings on Church Lane and Creighton Avenue, the 20mph zone is likely to be implemented soon. This has been a very successful community campaign (10 years in the making!) and has even been exported as far away as Muswell Hill.

Martin School Centenary

I visited Martin School on saturday to support the school in it's centenary celebrations. It has always been a beautiful school, with a thoughtful architectural style.

with the forthcoming expansion, it will also entering a new phase, where I hope we can resolve the long standing problems, such as plane tree walk and the pedestrian safety issues.

It was interesting to see that they have been digging up in the football pitch and seem to have found something. There is no consensus as to what it is, some think an air raid shelter, but no one remembers it. Personally I think it's Richard III.