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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Salute to Julia Gillard

Few world leaders have had to put up with as much vile sexist rubbish as now former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. "Ditch the B****" being one slogan, the menu scandal and such the like. She has been pelted with food, assaulted and harassed. The personal questions have just been awful.

As she says, perhaps she has made the job slightly easier for the next female PM, but it was never easy for her on her tightrope majority. I think the Labor Party might now have a hope of salvaging something to build on after this year's election, regardless of the result. Either way, however hard it is, fences must be mended and the fratricide must end. Nothing can be worse for Australia the Tony Abbott, even the Labor party performing the Sopranos.

Let's be honest, al least the ALP are doing better than their nation's cricketers. The Ashes will be a delight I'm sure.