Information about my work as a Labour Councillor for East Finchley in the London Borough of Barnet

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Crossings on Church Lane and Creighton Avenue

I was really pleased to get a Council officer down to talk to the three ward councillors and local residents and shop owners about the continuing problems on Church Lane. The officer was excellent, he was polite, professional, listened carefully and made very sensible suggestions. I cannot praise him enough. I won't name him, as I don't for any officer, but he is surely in my very good books!

We looked at Creighton Avenue, and the crossing there. It is apparent that on the shop side there isn't a good view for children, as cars park behind the white zigzagged line. We are looking at some cross hatching there.

I explained about the dire state of the pavement on the High Road in front of the Fuel Land allotments, and St. Pancras Court, as well as over the North Circular, in front of Finchley Memorial.

We looked at the whole length of Church Lane, including the junction with King Street, Leslie Road (where the markings are incorrect) and East End Road. We pointed out a number of problems with EER, including the signage, the corners that get cut and and problems for cyclists with it being two way, but some drivers not knowing that.

He also explained that the poles had not yet been put up for the 20 mph zones, nor the flashing lights yet, and that is due to be done. It is supposed to be done this week, but who knows what further delays there will be. I was there today and saw no changes.

I was very pleased with this session, and hope we can deliver some real changes.