Information about my work as a Labour Councillor for East Finchley in the London Borough of Barnet

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Labour's Parking Pledge

Very pleased to share with you Labour's Parking pledges. Barnet’s Labour councillors are launching their package of parking pledges for their local election 2014 manifesto at 10am this Saturday 9 November on Mill Hill Broadway. The package of parking pledges that Labour will implement straight away if elected next year in May are: 1)Labour will give you 30 minutes free parking in our town centres. The Barnet Tories drove people out of the high streets with their new parking regime. We’ll help you back and support our traders with a 30 minute free parking period. 2)Labour will bring back cash parking. Labour will enable all current card only meters to take cash. 3)Labour will introduce an Oyster-style ‘Barnet Card’ to pay for parking. Pay-by-phone parking doesn’t work for everyone! We’ll develop the card service over time to offer residents discounts and widen it’s use. 4)Labour will consult residents and make parking enforcement fair. Unlike the Tories, we’ll ensure that parking arrangements work for local people. 5)Labour will give you free parking every weekend in December. Every year we have pressed the Council to give residents and shops a parking amnesty over Christmas. If elected, we’ll stop arguing about it with the Tories – we’ll just do it. 6)Labour will also scrap the free Councillors’ parking permits that the Conservatives awarded themselves. If you can’t park for free, no Councillor should be able to either.