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Friday, 8 March 2013

New Crossing built in Church Lane

I was glad to see the work had finished on the new crossing on Church Lane, at the junction with East End Road. It's areal testament to how brilliant the walksafe N2 campaign have been. The ultimate compliment is that in Muswell Hill there is a similar group called Walksafe N10!

Unfortunately, when I went to inspect the crossing yesterday I was nearly run over by some moron in  a van, who thought it would be sensible to swerve quickly, and enter the two way section of Church Lane (as it is before the bridge) in the right hand lane. Talk about dangerous driving, you see why they need these crossings, its to prevent idiots like that from killing people.

Our office in on Church Lane, and from the window I've seen cars speed, go backwards, reverse the whole way through and do all manner of craziness.

There are still plenty of other works to be done, including implementing the 20 mph zone, the work on the junction of Church Lane and the High Road, and the completion of the crossing on Creighton Avenue, which is imminent.