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Friday, 8 March 2013

Policy Forum

A lot has already been written about the Labour led Policy Forum in the Greek Cypriot Centre on Sunday. I just wanted to add a few comments.

What is very clear from the public response was that people don't like the way they are treated by the Council. They don't feel they are listened to, that they are frankly told the truth, and that the Council is incompetently led by the Tory administration.

I have sympathy for them.

I'm glad to see that people have a sense of realism. They, in the main, know we can't deliver everything people always want, and understand the budgetary constraints we will be under.

I'm also glad the Labour Party is grown up enough to hold these kind of events and talks to the public. We aren't afraid of criticism, and we aren't afraid of standing up for what we believe in.