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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

775% increase in Barnet youth unemployment

Tell me about it!

Youth unemployment is probably the worst legacy of this recession. many people my age can't find jobs, and having a degree doesn't change that. There are 5 applicants to every job now, so there clearly arent the jobs out there for people. It is also very difficult for young people to find jobs which suit their skills sets.

It's sad that there used to be the Future Jobs Fund, EMA and the New Deal, but this is all gone now. Young people have the worst settlement they have had in a long time. With transport costs rising, fewer jobs, and few well paid jobs, rent costs rising and the general cost of living rising, young people are struggling as they never have before. There are not the same opportunities there were 5 years ago, nor are there the same protections and support.

If the Government do nothing for young people, they will have another generation disenfranchised from work, unused to finding and keeping a job, and welfare dependent. Investing in jos for young people now will pay dividends in the future by having a workforce that is used to working and have developed the early skills they need for the future.