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Saturday, 4 August 2012

One Barnet, just one big pothole - a followup

I wrote an article for the Better Barnet website, about how the pothole filling was not up to scratch, and how the delivery of this service as symptomatic of One Barnet. I have also complained about the pothole in question on twitter before, as well as reporting it to the council.

Well they have finally fixed it.

Well, When I say fixed it, I mean they filled it in. You can see in my article about a similar pothole on Market Place, which was filled and came loose, forming a piece of rubble "the size of a fax machine" that was eventually picked up and left on the pavement, away from the cars. Filling is worrying, and not a wholly adequate solution to a large pothole, they do need to be fixed, like the following, also on Beresford Road.
I said this was evidence of a cheap, quick fix, which a company providing services have to do in order to operate properly as a company. you got your cheap, you got your efficient, but did you get a good service in this case? I'm concerned the answer is no. And if they did finally fix this pothole why on earth did they do nothing about this one yards away?