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Thursday, 2 August 2012

They're even taxing football!

After the disastrous budget, in which George Osborne destroyed his own credibility (ok it wasn't all bad) comes another coalition calamity.

Through this years budget, they have;
  • Cut taxes for the wealthiest, while increasing the pain for others.
  • Sent us back into recession.
  • Done nothing to promote growth.
  • Failed to cut the deficit by as much as they promised.
  • Done nothing to improve employment prospects for young people.
And they have had to row back on a number of tax hikes;
  • Pasty Tax.
  • Landfill Tax.
  • Caravan Tax.
  • Skip Tax.
Now we can force another to the famous five, the Football Tax.

The Government decided to increase the VAT paid by five a side teams, which will in reality raise little money. Even though it is a campaign by the Telegraph, you can read about the background here, and sign the petition here.

A recent study said we are the laziest in Europe, which is a shame in an Olympics year. Whilst I am not a big football fan, I am doing my bit with my famous diet. You can do your bit as well.