Information about my work as a Labour Councillor for East Finchley in the London Borough of Barnet

Thursday, 6 December 2012

East Finchley War memorial

There has been some concern relating to a proposed development at number 78-80 Brackenbury Road. The former British legion building is to be converted into two houses, but there is a memorial to 22 local residents who died in the first world war. The Planning officers had already attached strong conditions to the application that the plaque would have to be re-located (at developer's expense) and preserved, however, I felt that more had to be done to keep the plaque in a very local area.

As I explained to the committee, Church Lane is one of the oldest inhabited parts of East Finchley, and there are a number of long settled families still living in the area. In fact, I know some descendents of people listed on the plaque still living in East Finchley. As such, It is extremely important that that specific part of East Finchley retained the plaque. The Borough Archivists have been negotiating, and I understand that Trinity Church on Church lane are interested in having the plaque. This would present an ideal solution in my view.

At the committee, we attached a condition that the plaque would be relocated as close as possible to the current site, and an informative that the plaque should be retained in the East Finchley Ward. We were saisfied with this, though initially I had pressed for a condition that it be retained in the ward, officers advising that it is up to the Borough Archivist, hence the informative. I had also reieved legal advice earlier stating that to be the case.

So the plaque is saved, and will be relocated nearby, within East Finchley. I have recieved a number of complaints on the issue and hope this clarifies the position, and is acceptable.