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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Martin School expansion - update

I campaigned in my recent election on the issue of school places, and you will know of my support for the Archer Academy in the secondary school places sphere.

There is also an issue of primary school places, and the Council have received a pot of money for primary expansions. Some of that money will go to Martin School to expand it into a three form entry. Martin School is rated outstanding by Ofsted, and we are keen that they maintain that well deserved status, and that there is a managed, sustainable and successful expansion.

Alison, Colin and I had a meeting at the school to discuss the expansion, and it was a very productive and helpful meeting. I am glad I have properly met Mr Pickering, the acting Headteacher. We discussed the plans, and the outstanding issues in preparation for a meeting Alison and I had with a Council officer.

We raised a number of issues, and attained some assurances on some, but not on others. It won't be the last such meeting so we will have more bites of the cherry.

I won't go into details of what we discussed, as not all details are finalised, and I don't wish to put out details or information that isn't true. Nor would I want to break confidences! I feel it important to let residents know that Alison, Colin and I are on the case, we are dealing with the issues that people raise, and are listening to all those interested.

If you do want to contact me on any details, please email as I am keen to listen to residents.