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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Anna Hazare

I have heard that the Labour Party have invited Anna Hazare to visit Parliament.

This is very exciting, and I hope to meet him whilst he is here. Hazare is an anti corruption campaigner and his work is reinvigorating Indian democracy. He isn't well known in the UK, and it is a shame that the BBC rarely reports news from India, but his movement is one to watch.

In addition, though I take very little interest in Indian politics anymore, Mamata Banerjee's intervention in the Presidential race is interesting. I have always admired and respected Abdul Kalam, and thought he was a great President, with a well defined and articulate vision. I was disappointed that he didn't get re-nominated last time, but having their first woman President was a great achievement. My friends used to joke that the President of India was a real life rocket scientist, while America had George Bush!

So there will be either a Bengali President, or the best one ever gets another shot. It's a choice I like!

Being British I am not partisan when it comes to Indian politics, except when it comes to Mamata Banerjee. I think she is brilliant.