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Friday, 28 September 2012

Stop the sale of our local heritage

The Barnet Labour Group has launched a petition to stop the council auctioning-off local historical artefacts that were removed after the closure of Church Farm House Museum.

The petition, submitted by Coppetts ward councillor, Pauline Coakley Webb says:

"We the undersigned petition Barnet Council to stop the sale by auction of our local historical artefacts that were removed from the Church Farm House Museum when the council closed it. We ask that the council advertise by public notice for donors to reclaim any items they donated to the Museum, and that any remaining items are either offered to Barnet Museum or are re-housed for viewing or for archive in Barnet's Libraries so that generations to come can enjoy and learn from them."

Cllr Coakley Webb said: "Many people will be surprised and shocked at the vast collection which is being disposed of by auction. Some of these artefacts may have substantial monetary value, and others not, but the way we value and protect our history and heritage for the benefit of future generations has clearly reached rock bottom.  Barnet council will not only be pocketing the proceeds of the sale of items donated in good faith, but will be doing a great injustice to the people who generously donated items to the Museum over many years."
Labour's spokesperson for Community and Libraries, Cllr Anne Hutton said:"The council should have more rigorously tried to contact donors to see if they wanted their gifts returned, and if not should have offered these artefacts to Barnet Museum so that they could remain in the Borough.  Once again Barnet council seems to be more interested in flogging everything off than preserving things for the benefit of all."



1. To sign the petition follow this link:

2. To see a list of the artefacts for auction read Cllr Coakley Webb's blog: