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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Are you free this saturday?

A real community campaign isn't led by politicians. It's led by community groups and concerned individuals. If we are to stop the One Barnet monstrousity, everybody needs to be clued up about what it is, and what they can do to fight it. And not just people of the Left, trade unions and Labour Party; we need Conservatives and people on the political right to understand what is going on. There are sound reasons for people on the political right to be as worried about One barnet as we are.

Saturday 7th July provides an opportunity to get to grips with what the One Barnet outsourcing program is, what could happen and what the alternatives are. there will be a conference at the Cypriot Community Centre on Brittania Road in North Finchley. From 12 till 3 there will be a public conference with speakers like APSE's Andy Mudd, who has written a devastating report into what One Barnet could mean. There will be the oportunity to ask questions as well.

I will be going after surgery, and hope to see others there too.

I have been very surprised when talking to people how little the public seems to know about it. Unlike the parking campaign, this will hit people over a very long time, and won't be in front of their faces. This will be a much harder fight, but I think we are equipped for it. Events likek this are very important and a good turnout will show the council that we mean business, especially if there is cross party concern.