Information about my work as a Labour Councillor for East Finchley in the London Borough of Barnet

Monday, 2 July 2012

Ward Walk with Nick Walkley

On Friday, Nick Walkley, the Chief Executive of Barnet Council and other officers and staff from the council did a walk in East Finchley to note down some of the issues and problems we are having.

The three local Councillors, Colin Rogers, Alison Moore and myself, decided to take them along a similar route that they went on last year, to keep the pressure up an a rather neglected part fo the ward. We started in Strawberry Vale, to raise some of the minor concerns that people had. We moved on to the underpass next to the North Circular, and the alleyway in front of the Big Yellow, to loot at the state of trees there and the amount of littering there is, plus to complain that TfL are not sweeping it properly.

We looked at the Tarling Road playground to complain about the state of it, and moved on the Brownswell Road, to note the illegal felling of trees there. We then moved on to Long Lane, to show the junction with Church Lane and the poor state of the pedestrian juntion and the trees.

We talked about the walksafe campaign along Church Lane, and them spoke to the Head Teacher and caretaker of Martins School to talk about Plane Tree Walk, an unadopted road that runs between the school and the field. It is an access route to the allotments at the back and we are concerned that about the safety aspect for the children crossing to the field.

We showed them the Fuel Land Allotments and the slippage at the front. The High Road pavement is being damaged, and the large trees at the front mean that it isn't wide enough, so once the slippage is fixed, the pavement will be widened.

We also noted the Bus stop in front of St. Pancras Court, which gets flodded under severe rain.

It was mainly a successful visit, and we hope that the issues we raised will be acted on in good time, and thank Mr. Walkley and the officers for coming along.