Information about my work as a Labour Councillor for East Finchley in the London Borough of Barnet

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Don't miss BMOSC!

The Business Management Committee is meeting to discuss a number of hugely important issues.

Cllr Kath McGuirk has called in the councils continuing folly that is the private parks for hire scheme. We have had success in Victoria Park and Oak Hill Park in West Finchley and East Barnet wards, now we need to take the fight to Hendon and force a full reversal of this silly and unfair policy. Parks are for all, not just those that can afford them.

Cllr Barry Rawlings has called in two important items, about changes to day centres and childrens centres. I hope to be able to speak on the latter, which of course affects the Newstead Centre in my ward. I also hope we can see what can be done on the Ann Owens, also in East Finchley.

There will be the petition to re-open Friern Barnet Library, a cause celebre for those who have taken on the council. I have tried to support Barry and Pauline in Coppetts for two years to back them on Pinkham way and the library.

There will also be report backs on some of the smaller committees, the task and finish groups. There will be reports on things like Cold Weather (strangely relevant in July!), homelessness and young people, housing allocations, waste and recycling, road resurfacing, as well as most importantly for East Finchley, school places.

I hope that if you are free then you can come to Hendon Town Hall from 7 pm. There are a lot of big important issues to discuss there, and it's always good to have public support in meetings.

Labour will be represented on the committee by Barry Rawlings, Kath McGuirk and Alan Schneiderman.