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Friday, 9 November 2012

CommUNITY Barnet

I decided to skip Cabinet and Cabinet resources on Wednesday and go to the CommUNITY Barnet meeting for charity trustees at Hendon Town Hall on Wednesday night. It was an excellent even (and not just because there was some nice food) but a couple of really engaging speakers. The first lady spoke about the role of trustees. I tell you, if she had a few jokes in there it would have been a brilliant stand up routine. She perfectly encapsulated the problems you can get with any sort of organisation, such as members who take over everything, members who are disinterested and absent etc. It could have related to school governors or councillors as well! I thought there was some very good advice, which was that it doesn't matter who appointed you, or whom you are there as a representative of, yur concerns should be for the organisation who's board you are on. So very true, and hits home for some of the committees for this and that I have sat on in my time.

The second speaker talked about working in partnership, and the organisational challenges of dealing with separate organisations, which was interesting from a one Barnet point of view. He also said how good the staff for the Council were, and it is absolutely true. We have a wonderful staff at Barnet, and are lucky to have such a hard working, dedicated, conscientious, professional and expert workforce. One of the reasons I am so against One Barnet is I don't think these great employees should be treated so shabbily.

Some great people there, such as Julia Hines, the very impressive chair of Age UK Barnet. Hugely knowledgeable and capable, and a great person as well.

There was a lovely man from a Barnet elderly Asians group, the one based in Friary House. He said they still have the problem with Dial-a-ride at Friary House. I am quite annoyed that this issue is back again, as I thought we had solved it. He also mentioned that there is no bus shelter at the nearest stop, which I shall pass on.

And then there was the food....

Anyways, congratulations to the excellent CommUNITY Barnet, I hope they can continue their excellent services to the people of Barnet.