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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Keep putting pressure on Freer, Offord and Villiers

I understand Barnet's three Tory MP's email in boxes sould have a few comments from members of the public angry about the One Barnet Programme. I am glad that people are taking my advice and asking their MPs why Councillors of their own party are leading them down the garden path.

We know Mr Dr Offord, the former deputy leader of the Council is having a few tough words from his own side, though given how rude he is to them perhaps he will become irrelevant. Mr Freer is the architect, and one of his former colleagues, Cllr John Hart of Mill Hill, thinks he is still pulling the strings, according to Roger Tichborne's blog. Given the furore over parking already in the Finchley and Golders Green constituency, One might have thought Mr Freer would like to stop his colleagues from scuppering his re-election chances.

The real question though, is Theresa Villiers. Ms Villiers has not expressed a public position on One Barnet as far as I am aware. Given the extremely large swings we saw in May in Chipping Barnet, she would do well to engage with the issue. Cllr Longstaff, Cllr Rams, Cllr Tambourides, Cllr Rajput and Cllr Cornelius are Chipping Barnet Councillors. She must have some clout with half the cabinet surely?

I hope people will put pressure on the Tory Councillors and MPs.