Information about my work as a Labour Councillor for East Finchley in the London Borough of Barnet

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fiona Twycross AM on food poverty

I recieved the following communicaion from London wide Labour Assembly Member Fiona Twycross. If you have any input please get in touch with her.

Dear Councillor
Just last year, one charity’s foodbanks fed almost 15,000 people in the capital. Kids Company a charity working with vulnerable young people reports that 37 per cent of 5-12 year olds at three of their centres claim there is not enough food for them to eat at home every day.
I am writing to let you know about an investigation I am leading in to food poverty in London as a member of the London Assembly's Health and Environment Committee. As a councillor, you are well placed to know about the extent to which this is an issue - and to what extent this is a growing issue - in your local area. It would be really helpful if you could forward this email including the link below to any organisations or individuals in the area you represent with knowledge of this issue and encourage them to take part in the consultation. Issues that the investigation will be focussing on include the scale and health implications of the issue, existing emergency support for people already in need, as well as broader measures to address the risk factors for food poverty. The link below will take you through to the relevant page on the London Assembly website:
If you or anyone else would like more information about this investigation or would like to respond to the consultation directly yourself, please contact
Thank you
Fiona Twycross AM
t: 020 7983 4101