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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Gillard gives the speech of her life

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has given arguably one of the most important speeches on feminism that the 12 years of this century can offer.

She was responding to the leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott who called for the speaker (who was from his own party) to resign. It is purely a political move, due to the precarious balance of the Australian Parliament. Prime Minister Gillard filleted him, and at one point you can see the blood drain from Mr Abbott's face.

Having been a fan of PM Gillard's predecessor, Kevin Rudd, I have taken time to warm to her, but after this speech, I have nothing but praise for Australia's first female PM.

PM Gillard has also spoken out against some of the worst notions against women that can exist, like the constant questioning of female politician's private lives. If they aren't a housewife they aren't legitimate. Well that's balls, and I for one want to see women from all backgrounds feel confident in politics, just as men from all personal backgrounds are.

I am lucky to be in a group with very strong female characters, and I think it shows what women in politics can achieve.